We are guided by the belief that a world that can be seen and interpreted in different ways can also be changed

Who we are
Our founding members work in various disciplines of science, journalism, art, literature and photography. In our respective fields, we have long been concerned with questions that deal with the phenomena of the visual in modern cultures. We consider media and art under the cultural aspects of seeing and making visible.

The founding members are
Dr. Christine Blaettler Professor of Philosophy
Zora del Buono writer and cultural editor mare magazine
Thierry Gerber lawyer & private scholar
Edgar Herbst Recorder & Phantasist
Dr. Kirstin zu Hohenlohe Social and Cultural Anthropologist
Jann Jenatsch Deputy Managing Director Keystone-SDA
Heike Ollertz Professor for Photography
Barbara Stauss Photo director mare magazine and Studio Stauss
Matthias Steinke Business consultant
Miriam Zlobinski Visual historian and curator
Questions we ask ourselves
What triggers a picture in the creator (a photographer, an artist) and in the viewer (a historian, a philosopher or a neurologist)? Is it seen differently? How does a photographer describe his own seeing in a text? What role does the caption play that can change the image and our perception of what is depicted on it. The basis of all our projects is an extended concept of images, which includes all types of images and their different contexts of use. The "image" goes beyond material images (e.g. photography) and includes virtually distributed images as well as immaterial images, such as pictorial imaginations, stereotypes and metaphors.
Our first steps
In autumn 2020 the first articles for the blog project REVUE will go online. REVUE is planned as a digital knowledge platform in which interdisciplinary articles on the medium of photography and perception are to be made accessible to the public. The blog will publish content from our members and also finished projects that fit the topic. A playful approach to our topic is planned for REVUE.             

The books “Edition DEJAVU” and “DEJAVU Theorie” will supplement and expand on the topic "photography and perception".