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As an organization we work independently and on a voluntary basis. With your support DEJAVU is able to address questions about photography and perception from different disciplines and directions and make the results accessible to the general public. With our publications, the online-magazine ReVue and our public events we aim to enlarge the existing circle of interested supporters. A mixture of donations, membership fees and sponsorship funds support DEJAVU’S operational needs and long term visions.

Donation for US citizens (CAF) ︎︎︎
DEJAVU e.V. is eligible to receive grants from CAF America (Charities Aid Foundation of America). Gifts via CAF America are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the US law. Since US donors are not able to make tax deductible gifts directly to foreign organizations, many use CAF America to fulfill their global giving objectives while still obtaining a tax advantage.

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Donation receipt
if you are registered for tax in Germany your donation is tax deductible. According to the notice of the Finanzamt für Körperschaften I (tax office for corporations I), Berlin, dated 12 June 2020, DEJAVU, Gesellschaft für Fotografie und Wahrnehmung e.V. is recognised as a non-profit organisation and is entitled to issue donation receipts. For donations up to 200,- Euros the tax office will accept your deposit or transfer receipt in combination with your bank statement. In all other cases you will receive a donation receipt from us unsolicited and promptly.